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Lil B – No Black Person Is Ugly

lil b katy perry

Every once in a while, Lil B comes along with a track that shows he’s not a joke and can actually rap seriously. I’m not saying he’s a good rapper but when given a dope beat such as this one, it doesn’t go to waste.

On No Black Person Is Ugly The Based God gets on his positive tip and tries to promote a good message. The bars aren’t blowing anyone’s mind and the flow may be all over the place, but when Lil B puts on his real rapping hat, you can feel that he really is trying.  Continue reading

10 Cover Singers You Should Be Following On YouTube


Singers looking to break into the music industry today, have it a little easier than singers of past. With the growth of YouTube, SoundCloud, and other social networks; anyone’s work can be heard by the masses.

Charice Pompengo ended up on Glee and number 8th on the Billboard charts thanks to her covers. Tori Kelly went from singing covers on YouTube to signing a deal with Capitol Records. And the most famous YouTube star of all, Justin Bieber, was just a kid when he got discovered.

So, who are the next future stars of YouTube? It’s hard to tell, but here are ten artists who are definitely changing up the cover song game.  Continue reading

Charlamagne & Fredro Starr Get Into Argument On Air

fredro starr breakfast club fight

Legendary rap group, Onyx (minus Sonny Seeza), were on Power 105′s “The Breakfast Club” to promote their latest album and Fredro Starr got into a pretty heated argument with Charlamagne Tha God.

During the interview, while The Breakfast Club was talking about Onyx’s past, Charlamagne Tha God said “Fredro was getting head from Brandy” to which Starr took offense to and didn’t want to talk about. Continue reading

Tank – Hope This Makes You Love Me


Tank is back with some real slow tunes for all the lovers out there to enjoy and vibe to off of his upcoming album ‘Stronger’. Tank’s album is set to drop on August 12th, but before then here’s is a track off the album “Hope This Makes You Love Me”. Listen to the track below. Continue reading