Fugazi is all that matters in between rap beef

Drake has released his response to Meek Mill and it couldn’t have gotten more boring from there. Thankfully we still have Fugazi and other interesting and classic rap beefs to draw inspiration from. I’ve compiled the ultimate list of historical rap beef and Fugazi songs (in no particular order) to compensate for the waiting we’re all having to do here. A lot of vigorous waiting and then waking up at 8am to Aubrey showing his utmost appreciation for boss bitches. That is something I can actually get behind, but the rest is just laughable. Things are getting stranger every day.


1.  Drake – Charged Up

 Drake’s first response, “Charged Up” to Meek Mill is the ultimate summer bummer. Rap disputes used to be slightly different. I’m playing this all out like a Degrassi episode, although I must say it’s highly entertaining.


2. Fugazi – Waiting Room

Still waiting on a response as Meek’s team lays silent. Not to worry, we still have Fugazi.


3. Tupac – Hit Em Up

East Coast vs. West Coast. Actual venom.


4. Fugazi – Merchandise

1988 was a great year for Fugazi. Also a great year in general. Not just my birth year but the same year Fugazi’s first demo tape was recorded at Inner Ear Studio.


5. Nas – Ether

Easily the best diss song. No need to really elaborate on this one.


6. Fugazi – I’m So Tired

Piano ballads are everything, especially when they’re backed by Ian MacKaye. Anyone else sleepy from all the 2015 rap beef?


7. Notorious B.I.G. – Who Shot Ya?

Nothing like a good diss track mocking a shooting/robbery. 1995 was a good year for diss tracks, 2015 is slowly coming in second.


8. Fugazi – Suggestion

This whole song addresses the entire objectification of women, rape and the prevalence of it in society and how people want to completely ignore it and yet it continues. This song is one of my favorite Fugazi songs, for obvious reasons.


9. Common – Bitch In Yoo

This is Common’s response to “Westside Slaughterhouse”. Notice that no one else has stepped to Common except Drake since. That’s not even a joke, although it sounds like one.


10. Fugazi – Bad Mouth

Another Fugazi favorite of mine.  If I ever have rap beef of my own, this will just be my response as I drop the mic.


11. KRS-One – The Bridge Is Over

This is an actual East Coast hip hop classic from 1987. It was a diss track towards Marley Marl, Juice Crew and MC Shan. MC Shan’s career was destroyed partly due to this track.


12. Fugazi – Bulldog Front

If you’re into being apathetic than apparently all Fugazi songs are for you. This just in: every Fugazi song is a favorite. I’m a sucker for some apathy. There is no in between.


13. Jay Z – Takeover

2001 wasn’t so bad as far as beef goes. The Jay Z and Nas never ending beef escalated into this Kanye West produced track (note the David Bowie). Jay Z calls out Prodigy and Mobb Deep from everything from taking ballet classes as a child to the Shook Ones track.


14. Fugazi – Burning

13 Songs is great to play instead of focusing on the sleepy beef. Sounds great on vinyl too.


15. Jadakiss – I’m An Animal

Now I really love 50 Cent and find him to be hilarious and lovely, but this track is devastating.


16. Fugazi – Shut The Door

Fugazi at their finest.


17. Ice Cube – No Vaseline

One of the very best. This 1991 track was released as a diss towards NWA and the management team. I guess Ice Cube watches old videos of these days to fill the void.


18. Fugazi – Bed for the Scraping

The Red Medicine LP and 1995 are both good things here.


19. DJ Quik – Dollaz & Sense

Another good career-ending diss track referencing MC Eiht from 1995.


20. Fugazi – Place Position

Last, but certainly not least.



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